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Getting Started with DSLR Tutorials

Hi! I’m Tuukka. I’m a 34 year old technology enthusiast. If you are looking to buy your first DSLR camera, I’ve been in the same situation as I spent 6 months of research before I purchased my first DSLR 4 years ago.

During this process, I learned a lot of what kind of information is available for the beginners looking to buy their first digital SLR camera. In my view, the information was very scattered and it was difficult to find up to date and relevant information.

Many people think that a DSLR camera can automatically take better photos than any other kind of digital camera. In reality, especially in a fully automatic settings, which most of the beginners use, you will not be able to take advantage of better optics, because they won’t know the basics of photography well enough.

Why this website exists?

My vision is to develop this website as the best resource for first time DSLR camera buyers.

This website aims to simplify your

  • DSLR gear buying process
  • learning to use your first DSLR camera
  • editing of photos with a simple workflow
  • synching of photos into the home network or Cloud service

I have designed this website as a unique email blog which will develop as your skills grow as a photographer. I will show you what camera and accessories you should get and walk you through every step in taking better photos.



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Currently, I have written 13,590 words (that is 50 pages) of guides about DSLR gear and photography techniques. I will be sending you a lesson each week that will help you to grow as a photographer.